Photosynthesis is Divine
(To the tune of "Scarborough Fair")
Copyright © 2009 Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal

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Photosynthesis is divine
Fixing carbon using sunshine
It's thanks to plants that we've got a prayer
They pull CO2 from the air

Reaping energy from the sun
It's efficient second to none
You grab the photons almost at will
Protoporphyrin chlorophyll

Light reactions of System II
Split up water, making O2
Electrons pass through schemes labeled 'Z'
Pumping protons gradiently

ATP's made due to a shift
Of the protons spinning quite swift
An enzyme turbine, cellular maze
You know as A-T-P synthase

Carbon's fixed onto a substrate
Rubisco acts in-e-fficient-ly
Splitting it into 3PGs

If the enzyme grabs an O2
It makes glycolate, it is true
The Calvin cycle works in a wheel
Giving plants a sugary meal

So photosynthesis is divine
'Cause it happens all of the time
From dawn to dusk and times in between
Solar panels truly are green


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