The Three R’s of DNA
(to the tune of “Dream of Little Dream of Me”)
Copyright © 2010 Kevin Ahern

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Base pairs they all provide you
Stair steps to form a helix inside you
A pairs with T and G goes with C
Making DNA for me

Helicases go unwinding
Unzippering at rates almost blindin’
PO-lymerases work night and day
Replicating D-N-A

Proof-reading - the enzyme’s QC path
Chews back from the 3’s
I can’t have a ‘G’ paired with ‘T’ so
Repair it please

Chem damage is concern too
‘Cuz it can cause mutations inside you
When dimers stem from sunlight UV
Fix the DNA for me

Such pathways of excision
Cause cells to have to make a decision
Should they go straight ahead with repair
Or take themselves right out of there?

Then lastly, there’s recombination
Swap strands readily
Crossover homologous regions
Mix them for me

This story is complete now
The DNA is fit for gametes now
The three R’s for the DNA shine
Replicate, repair, recombine

(Oh yeah!)
Replicate, repair, recombine


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