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This is the official page of Kevin Ahern's Limerick Books. There are four of them (URLs below). I'm a Professor of Biochemistry/Biophysics who likes to write rhymes in addition to writing and teaching biochemistry. You can learn more about my other creative efforts below and HERE.

The story of the limericks follows - Back in the late 1970s, Bruce Halley and I worked in E.C. Nelson’s biochemistry laboratory at Oklahoma State University.  We created a collection of humorous writings we called the Calendar Additions that we posted daily on a wall in his lab.  In late 2011, Bruce and I re-connected and decided to write once again in the spirit of the old Calendar Additions.  Towards this end, I resolved to write a limerick every day in the year 2012 and I succeeded. I also wrote one every day in 2013 and 2014.

As a side note, I am also the creator of the Wildly Popular Metabolic Melodies, which are songs I write and sing to my classes to teach them the principles of biochemistry - see them HERE. I'm also a big advocate for non-traditional approaches to teaching the subject of biochemistry. I wrote (with Indira Rajagopal) a biochemistry textbook called "Biochemistry Free and Easy" that I give away for free to students to download - get it HERE. I also have over 500 video biochemistry lectures I've given - see my YouTube channel HERE. My courses can be taken for free from iTunes U HERE and HERE or for credit (tuition-based) anywhere in the world from OSU's ecampus HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. I also have a free book on how to get into medical school HERE and a popular iTunes U course on that subject HERE All of my creative items can be accessed HERE. You can email me HERE You can also friend me on Facebook HERE or access my Punniest Limerick Facebook Page HERE where I post one limerick per day from the book.

Limerick Book Links

"A Limerick a Day For a Year" - Lulu / Amazon / Kindle / Nook
"A Limerick a Day For Another Year" - Lulu / Amazon / Barnes&Noble
"A Limerick a Day For a Third Year" - Lulu / Amazon / Barnes&Noble
"Kevin Ahern's 1001 Punniest Limericks" - Lulu / Amazon / Barnes&Noble / Kindle

Web Page of the Metabolic Melodies HERE


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"Merry Metabolic & Miscellanic Melodies" (Free PDF Version ) HERE / Print version ($$) Lulu / Amazon / Barnes&Noble / Kindle
"Kevin and Indira's Guide to Getting Into Medical School" (Free PDF Version ) HERE / Print version ($$) Lulu / Amazon / Barnes&Noble / Kindle
"Biochemistry Free and Easy" textbook download (free) HERE
Metabolic Melodies Calendars HERE

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