I have writen and published a book on the history of my hometown, Fowler, Illinois, entitled "From Rails to Roads - The Story of Fowler, Illinois. It is available for order at the following URL - http://www.lulu.com/content/907483

Fowler is located in west central Illinois near Quincy (see map also). Fowler, which has the grand sum of about 200 people, was born in about 1857 when the railroad came through. Though today it is a bedroom community of Quincy, it once was a bustling community unto itself, having a bank, a post office, three grocery stores, two gas stations, a town doctor, barber, and a newspaper, called The Fowler Record. The Quincy Herald-Whig is another good source of information about Fowler. As late as the 1930s, the train stopped in Fowler 11 times per day. If you are interested in the history of this small town, please send e-mail to me by pressing my e-mail address: ahernk@orst.edu. (A history page for Adams County is also available from Infobahn Outfitters.) The house in the picture above is the one I grew up in. It is located on a hill on the east edge of Fowler and was built by my great-grandparents.

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