Kevin Ahern’s Books, Videos, and Other Materials


1. Kevin, Indira, and Tari's "Biochemistry Free For All" FREE Textbook - HERE

2. Kevin and Indira's "Biochemistry Free and Easy" Textbook (it's FREE) - HERE

3. "Kevin and Indira's Guide to Getting Into Medical School" -(FREE electronic versions) HERE / Print HERE ($$) or Kindle HERE ($$)

4. Many More Metabolic and Miscellanic Melodies PDF (free) HERE & Printed ($$) HERE

Video URLs

1. Kevin's YouTube Channel - HERE /

2. Kevin's Guide to Getting Involved In Undergraduate Research - HERE

3. Kevin's Guide to Completing an OSU URISC Application - HERE

4. Kevin's Guide to Getting Transcript Notation at OSU - HERE

5. Kevin's Guide to Preparing for Professional Schools - HERE

6. Kevin's Guide to Acing Your Medical School Interview (Part 1) - HERE

7. Kevin’s Guide to Acing Your Medical School Interview (Part 2) - HERE

8. (New!) The MMI Interview Exercise / Ethical Concerns Considerations HERE

9. (New!) A Video I Made of Pat Iverson Talking About Ebola HERE



Other URLs

Kevin can be reached at the following addresses - Email - / Facebook ( or Twitter (ahernk1)